Naked Prince Harry Was a $23 Million Publicity Boon for Las Vegas

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Even though what happened in Vegas didn't stay there, Prince Harry's nude photo incident did some good for the city. Media coverage of a campaign the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority undertook following the royal scandal  generated what amounted to $23 million in publicity, LVCVA spokesperson Courtney Fitzgerald told us. The efforts included an ad in USA Today and a separate graphic posted to social media channels and on digital signs at McCarran International Airport. The USA Today ad called out those that disobeyed Vegas' mantra by exposing Harry: 

The graphic played on the British World War II motto, "Keep Calm and Carry On:" 

According to the Las Vegas Sun, at a meeting Tuesday where the data was reported, the LVCVA board president said "God bless Prince Harry. He made us a bunch of money." 

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