The Most Unbelievable but Real Pictures of Sandy's Destruction

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With all the fake photos going around and all the unbelievable damage, it's hard to decipher the real from the Photoshopped. But last night's storm brought in incredible floods and massive power outages to the East Coast, which you can read all about in our live Sandy coverage. Some of the waters have subsided, but millions are still without power in the country. Thanks to Instagram, Twitter, and the Associated Press and Reuters photo services, we get an idea of how bad things got last night. 

Update 4:23 p.m.: 

A firefighter in Queens, NY, where there was a fire last night. (AP)

Update 12:10 p.m:

There was some question about the validity of this photo. But it comes from NBC's Brian Thompson, who is on the ground in Seaside Heights, taking photos of the area. Also, New Jersey governor Chris Christie mentioned that the pier's roller coaster and log plume rides were in the ocean during his presser this morning. 

Plus someone Instagrammed it from another angle.

Submerged taxis in Hoboken, NJ. (Via the Associated Press)

More cabs. (Via the Associated Press)

And the busses, too.

From the official MTA Flickr page, a boat on the tracks at Metro-North's Ossining Station on the Hudson Line. 

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The East Village is underwater in this photo from last night. 

While that looks fake, Business Insider got a hold of this othe one from what looks like the same intersection.

A dramatic image of firefighters wading through Avenue C and 14th Street.

An eerie skyline, as much of Manhattan went dark when ConEd either shut off or lost power for many of the city's residents. (via Reuters)

Brooklynites snorkeling in the flood waters. (Via Reuters)

Brooklyn pedestrians wading through the waters. (Via Reuters)

A truck totally submerged in Battery Park.

A tanker washed up on Staten Island. (Via the BBC's John Williams)


The after-math at Exchange Place, New Jersey. (via Reuters)

Destroyed homes in Queens, NY. (Via Reuters)

Sandy brings feet of snow to West Virginia. (Via the Associated Press)

Morning clean-up with a rake in Washington, D.C.

A morning rainbow in Brooklyn.


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