A Map of Where ConEd Is Warning New Yorkers It May Turn Off the Lights

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Much of lower Manhattan could lose electricity soon. People are tweeting about getting robo-called from Con Ed informing them that they may need to turn off electricity. Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider has part of a transcript of the call, which tells people to turn off major appliances to avoid potential damage when power is turned back on. This would be in addition to the 3,600 people without power in places like Sheepshead Bay and Long Island. So far, people from the following neighborhoods in Manhattan have said they've been called about potential electricity loss:

View Con Ed Power Shut Off Warnings in a larger map

Some of these areas are in Zones B and C. Con Ed already warned that there was potential for power shut downs in lower Manhattan, and the calls this afternoon means it could be more serious. If you live in one of these neighborhoods and don't have your number registered with Con-Ed for some reason, check with neighbors to see if they got a call. There's a possibility your electricity will still be shut off. Until then, check Con Ed's interactive map to see if your area has reported an outage and tweet or email us if you have any information. 

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