The LAPD Worries Over Weed Candy

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The L.A.P.D. is concerned about a Halloween menace that hasn't actually terrorized anyone yet: potheads giving out weed infused candy. They are warning the media about the potential dangers and warning signs of the dopest candy in your bag of loot. 

"It doesn’t smell like straight bud," Sgt. Glenn Walsh told ABC News, "but it has an odor to it consistent with marijuana, that skunk smell." With the rise in marijuana dispensaries in L.A., police are concerned that some of the cooked offerings might make their way into kid's treat bags. The thing they're most concerned with is copycat weed candy: chocolate bars dressed up to mimic a mass-market bar, but contain that extra special ingredient. The L.A. Weekly's Dennis Romero reports some potential fake bars are: "Keef Kat (which looks like Kit Kat), Reefer's (Reese's), and 3 Rastateer's (3 Musketeers)."

The L.A.P.D. said they haven't heard reports of anyone actually giving out weed candy on Halloween, but they still want you to be vigilant. Be careful out there, everyone. Pot brownies are the new razorblades in candy apples. It could come in a fake chocolate bar, or in seemingly innocent homemade treats like brownies, fudge, or even delicious looking butterscotch. Suddenly that grandma is a lot "cooler" than you thought. 

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