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The Pennsylvania court ruled that its controversial voter ID law would not go into effect this year, and Jon Stewart looked at why last night on The Daily Show. The law, meant to prevent in-person voter fraud that doesn't really exist, disenfranchised many voters, "disproportionately of the minority, poor, and elderly variety, or as they are sometimes known, Democrats," Stewart said. 

"Typical liberal judge striking down a perfectly hypothetical solution for fear of the real harm that it does," Stewart jokes. "Show me one person that this law would disenfranchise." An elderly veteran, for example, with a bronze star. "Show me two people!" An elderly woman, who didn't understand why it was so hard to vote. "Sorry," Stewart continued, "I'm not really going to believe these laws persecute anybody until it affects someone from television, ie a real American." Oh, well look: Jim Cramer of CNBC Mad Money is affected. His father won't be able to vote. 


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