Moving the Islanders to Brooklyn Makes Sense ... at Least Geographically

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Today we learned that the the New York Islanders will soon call the Barclays Center home. Some think the NHL team's move from Long Island to Brooklyn is strange. But, as one commenter points out, the Islanders' new home stays true to the team's name. Gepap writes:

I know people are map and geography adverse, but: Brooklyn in a borough of NYC that is on Long Island. The Island itself consists of four counties, Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Two of those counties are also boroughs of the City of New York. While only Nassau and Suffolk are colloquially included in the term "Long Island," Brooklyn and Queens are most certainly part of the same island.

What you say is true, Gepap. But you'll still have a hard time convincing boho Brooklynites to align themselves with citizens of the Nassau and Suffolk County 'burbs.

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