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Yes, Americans are getting fatter, but not all of us are, right? Now you can see in this interactive from Scientific American of the changing rates of obesity, heavy drinking, and tobacco use by state.With data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the interactive shows the change in the percentage of Americans who have bad or good health habits, between 1995 and 2010. By clicking on "obesity," you can see the steady rise of obese Americans by state. The darker orange line represents the most obese, the lighter orange line represents the least obese, and the grey represents the national average. You can compare your state's obesity rate by selecting it in the drop down boxes on the lower left. 

Colorado, the nation's least obese state, still had a whopping 11.3 percentage point increase in obesity. The kicker: When you click the "exercise" button, you can see the percentage of people exercising is actually up, from 72.1 percent to 76 percent. In Mississippi, the nation's most obese state, the percentage of exercisers went up more than the nation as a whole, from 60.5 percent to 67 percent. So, point being, we're trying, guys. We're really, really trying.

Go to Scientific American to explore much more on our health habits and to see where your state fits in.

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