George McGovern, Congressman, Senator, Liberal, Dies at 90

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Former Congressman and Senator George McGovern passed away Sunday morning. He was 90 years old. McGovern was probably best known for losing to Richard Nixon in the 1972 Presidential election. He was, rather famously, the Democratic candidate sabotaged by the Watergate scandal. Which is to say, he was the victim of Richard Nixon's "dirty tricks." He was a consistent progressive and a long-time face of liberal politics in the mid-west. He campaigned to end the war in Vietnam and fought to try and end hunger in the U.S. and abroad. He was also a decorated World War II veteran, something he didn't like talking about. There are two very good McGovern obituaries worth checking out, by the Associated Press' Walter R. Mears and the New York Times' David E. Rosenbaum. Mears is a decorated AP veteran and Pulitzer-winning reporter who covered McGovern during the 1972 Presidential election. Rosenbaum was a longtime Washington correspondant for the Times who was preparing McGovern's obituary as early as 2005, but he passed away before he could see it published. To McGovern, and to Rosenbaum, may you both rest in peace. 

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