A Full and Complete List of Everything Hip in D.C., According to #HipDC

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In response to my argument that our nation's capital is not a hip place and never will be, D.C. events space VerdeHouse has started a Twitter campaign #hipDC that asks people to tweet out all the #hip things about the city. In the spirit of equal time, we are going to list them all here.

"We at verdeHOUSE think D.C. is hip in its own way and doesn’t play by the rules of NY, SF or other 'hip' cities," read the press release. "We’re asking you to dig deep and ask yourself, 'What makes D.C. hip to you?'" The release went out two days ago, earned coverage on a prominent D.C. blog, the Huffington Post, and even the local news. We think it's fair to say that as Twitter hashtag campaigns go, this one has gotten pretty wide exposure. We have cataloged every single tweet that has used the #hipDC hashtag, minus the obviously sarcastic ones, and without further ado, here is every single thing that is hip about D.C. 

The D.C. theater scene.

Wicked at The Kennedy Center. 

Craft beer. 

Food trucks.

Accomplished friends who go to keg parties.


The Library of Congress.

Patriotic clothing. 

Self promotion.

A strong real estate market. 

Not being killed while riding a bike. 

Government employees rapping about politics. 

The Julie Child's Kitchen exhibit at the National Museum of American History. 

Being the hometown of a 1970s television star. 

A Building Museum membership. 

Pop-up shops, fashion shows, and amazing people.

Smart and powerful people. 

Smart, interesting people.

The ultimate Obama fan. 

Art happenings. 

People who have always thought D.C. was hip. 

The views.

Fall celebrations. 


Drinking for charity.

A residential building project. 

Trendy start-up magazines.

Lunch breaks. 

Late-ish dinners. 

This food:

These restaurants:

Dupont Underground.

This gentleman's club:

Jazz in a church.

Duke Ellington

Not becoming part of Fairfax County.

Expensive row-houses.

Talking about flea market fashion.

"Hot #fashion accessories." 

Free music.

A library. 

Wearable crafts. 

Diversity and spirit.


A house that is round.

"Must see fashion events."

These people on Twitter.

Talking about real estate.

Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

The former home of a mayor.

So there you have it, guys. Everything that's hip about D.C. Can we consider this discussion closed?

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