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The space shuttle Endeavour is retiring. Did you not hear? It's celebrating its new life of sitting by the fire and reading Reader's Digest with a scenic fall drive through L.A. on Friday and Saturday.

It couldn't just fly in like Enterprise. Endeavour's tastes are much more sensible. A nice drive through the neighbourhood will do just fine. Endeavour will enjoy retirement at the West Coast's old folks' home for space ships, the California Science Center. But first she wanted to take one last fall drive through the city before settling down. The 12 mile drive is slow going and requires a specialized team to make sure the huge space shuttle won't take out half of L.A. on the way. The drive is a two day trek that the L.A. Times is covering extensively. You can follow along here

Here are some highlights from the drive so far:

A scheming history teacher convinced these kids One Direction was going to perform on top of Endeavour. They were disappointed. (via AP)

This is our favorite because it looks like a four-year-old misplaced his toy space ship in his dad's train set. (via AP)

No fall drive is complete without some donuts. Grammy always liked those Boston creams. (via AP)

Traffic in L.A. is just the worst, you know? (via AP)

Here's hoping they hold your reservation at Nobu! (via AP)

The crew responsable for making sure Endeavour doesn't leave a path of destruction in its wake. (via AP)

If only L.A. had, like, actual foliage to see. Wouldn't that be grand? (via AP)

Endeavour thinks that Michael C. Hall sure is cute, but Dexter is a little too gory for her ol' tastes.  (via Reuters)

A fellow retiree snaps a pic of Endeavour. (via Reuters)

Apple picking, another Endeavour fall favorite, was unfortunately not on the schedule. According to the Times' itinerary, it's currently making the most difficult part of its journey along Crenshaw Drive right now. 

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