Chicken Vendor's Presidential Zinger Boosts Business

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A chicken stand in Cleveland, Ohio has seen a boom in business from Republicans after the vendor, Terry Leu, gave the President some lip while the President toured the West Side Market yesterday. 

The President was just being cordial when he shook Leu's hand and asked how business was going.  "Terrible since you got here," Leu replied. Sounds like the President wasn't the only one firing shots in Cleveland yesterday. 

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Brandon Blackwell reports members of The Kitchen Cabinet, a Republican women's group, stopped by on Saturday to show their support for Leu and the hard stand he took against the President. They bought fifteen chickens and donated them to a local soup kitchen. "I don't think he meant any harm, but in a way he spoke for millions of people who are in trouble," one Cabinet member said. 

It's too bad Leu was just being literal. "I meant things were terrible since 3 o'clock when his guys came through the door," Leu said. Business can be hard when Secret Service guys are covering every entrance. 

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