Benghazi,, and Meningitis

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Top Stories: With criticism of Susan Rice's initial assessments of the Benghazi attack a talking point for Mitt Romney, intelligence officials say this lag in information is "typical of the ever-changing process of piecing together shards of information into a coherent picture fit for officials’ public statements."

World: Obama and Romney's differing views on the Benghazi attack, the Arab Spring, and America's overseas influence "in many ways mirrors the paradoxical views of America held by many of the region’s people and policy makers, who see Washington as all-powerful but also doomed to self-sabotage whenever it intervenes there."

U.S.: Kevin Weldon, a school superintendent in Texas, banned cheerleaders from putting Bible verses on banners, a move which has "put him at odds with the majority of his students and his neighbors, not to mention the governor, the attorney general and, some in Kountze believe, his God."

New York: A school in Brooklyn has a program that may be "the future of the country’s vocational education" as students spend six years training for a job in the technology industry with high school and college curriculums.

Media & Advertising: Disney has redesigned yet again in their attempt to fully embrace the digital world and the young consumers that will come from it.

Technology: The new Windows software, a "radical makeover" that makes it more on par with Apple and Google, will perplex some users.

Health: People who took the steroid injection now linked to the meningitis outbreak face the wait to see if they become sick.

Sports: The San Francisco Giants currently battling for a place in the World Series don't look like the team that won the title in 2010.

Opinion: Josh Garrett Davis on liberalism in South Dakota in the age of George McGovern.

Music: Jon Pareles notices an electronica trend in the acts he saw at the CMJ music festival.

Theater: Karen Allen, best known for her work in films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, talks about her new play and her textile company.

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