We Will Meet Sandusky's 'Victim 1'

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Victim 1, the anonymous teenager who first complained to police about the abuse in 2008 and whose testimony helped convict Sandusky of sexually abusing boys, will come forward on Oct. 23, when he will publish a book about his experience. The Associated Press reports ABC's Chris Cuomo has landed the first interview with the victim, now age 18, as part of the promotion for Silent No More: Victim #1's Fight for Justice Against Jerry Sandusky, which was co-written by the boy's psychologist mother.

In July, we learned some of the story of the "shaggy-haired teenager" when his psychologist Michael Gillum spoke with USA Today's Kevin Johnson. And it's clear that even if we do not know his name, many in his hometown, where Sandusky and Penn State football were so popular, already do. "From the first time we met," Gillum told Johnson, "he was fearful that he would be killed. He believed that Jerry Sandusky could have him killed." The boy also faced threats and abuse from neighbors who knew he was accusing Sandusky of sexual abuse. "The child's identity spread rapidly through the community, the psychologist said, making him and his mother the target of harassment — and ultimately threats of harm," Johnson wrote. On the stand at trial, Victim 1 described how Sandusky's contact with him escalated from a hand on the knee, to kissing and back rubs, to oral sex. His memoir will cover the abuse, the investigation of Sandusky, and ultimately his trial and conviction.

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