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Manhattan might have Fashion Week, but the outer boroughs have tornados. Yep, a twister touched down according to eyewitness reports in Queens and Brooklyn on Saturday morning.

NBC New York reports trees and power lines are down in some areas, but otherwise damage seems minimal for now. There was a tornado warning issued for areas in Brooklyn and Queens early this morning, and a watch will remain in effect until 9 p.m. this evening for parts of "Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, as well as counties in Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island and north of New York City." Reuters' Matthew Keys reports Accuweather is confirming that a tornado did touch down in Queens. 

The image above was taken on by Instagram user @fongaloid in the Fort Tilden area. 

There's this amateur video of the tornado over Breezy Point/Brookyn: 

There's also this much longer video of the storm, at this point likely only a water spout, over Breezy Point that comes via Al Roker's twitter

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