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The admiral who overseas the Navy's special operations units slammed the former SEAL team member for selling his story as the Pentagon declares that the book No Easy Day contains sensitive and classified military information. The Defense Department has already accused author Matt Bissonnette of violating his non-disclosure agreement with the Navy and failing to submit the book for review as required by military rules.

On Tuesday, Rear Admiral Sean Pybus sent a letter to the 8,000 troops serving under him in the Naval Special Warfare Command criticizing the book and admonishing those who would "seek inappropriate monetary, political, or celebrity profit from their service." Pybus said, "For an elite force that should be humble and disciplined for life, we are certainly not appearing to be so."

The book — which was officially released yesterday (one week earlier than originally planned) — provides a first-hand account of the May 2011 SEAL team raid in Pakistan that ended with the death of Osama bin Laden. While Bissonette and his publisher say they changed names and details to protect those involved, the Pentagon insists that it still reveals details of tactics and personnel that could put people in danger. The government did not try to stop publication, though they have threatened legal action that could allow them to take any profits from the book if they win in court.

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