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The President came under fire on Tuesday for supposedly snubbing an invitation for lunch from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for later in September, but Obama made it up to Netanyahu on Tuesday night when the two spoke for an hour on the phone. 

There were reports Obama denied a request for a meeting from Netanyahu, who wanted to see the President while they're in New York to speak at a U.N. General Assembly at the end of the month. The snub was being taken very seriously. The snub could "plunge U.S.-Israeli relations into crisis and add pressure on Obama in the final stretch of a tight presidential election campaign," according to Reuters. Things have been testy between the two recently. The New York Times reported on the weekend how the U.S. has been trying to juggle stopping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and stopping Israel from attacking Iran for trying to develop a nuclear weapon. 

The White House denied a meeting request was ever made and explained the two simply aren't in New York at the same time. Obama speaks on September 25 and then he's getting on a place that night, and Netanyahu doesn't arrive until the September 27. Schedules don't match, things happen. 

But Obama apparently felt bad so he called Netanyahu this evening and they talked for an entire hour about what they should do with Iran. Everything is okay now. The two "reaffirmed" their commitment to stoping Iran from developing a nuclear bomb, and they're going to have "close consultations going forward," according to a White House spox. 

We can't confirm the two spoke on the phone, to be honest. They might have used Skype for all we know. But we really did enjoy this joke we saw on Twitter: 

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