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On a routine stop to an Orlando sports bar last night, President Obama met a little boy from his home state of Hawaii. After the two acknowledged each other with the international hand signal of being a chill bro, Obama joked and asked to see the boy's birth certificate.

Obama stopped for chicken wings, probably, at an Orlando sports bar last night. (What else would the president eat at a sports bar? Jalapeno poppers?) There was a table with five adults and five kids who he greeted before sitting down. They were watching college football, probably Florida State's 55-0 whooping over Savannah State. 

One of the adult women pointed out a blond boy, Andre Wupperman of Orlando, to Obama and said, “He was born in Hawaii.”

Obama and the boy then each made the international sign for “hang loose” with one hand.

President Obama: the chillest brah. The 'hang loose' hand sign, for those uninitiated in the chill, is when you extend your thumb and pinky finger while enclosing your other fingers like a fist. Your hand should resemble a telephone. Once your fingers are properly positioned, the wrist must rotate the hand back-and-forth across a 90 degree angle. After the President knew he was among friends, he made a birther joke. 

Obama then asked Wupperman, who will turn 7 years old next week, the question that was so often asked of him: “You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?"

Haha! the table said. This is not the first time Obama's had a sense of humour about the whole birther controversy. He sells his birth certificate plastered on a mug to raise money. He's clearly past getting worked up over it, unless there are slightly racist-undertones to a birther joke. That's when it becomes an issue. 

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