New York City Approves Ban on Tub-Sized Sodas

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Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson, your cries of protest have gone unheeded: The New York City Board of Health voted Thursday to approve Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed ban on sodas served in cups larger than 16 ounces. It's a controversial proposal that netted the Health Department "more than 38,000 oral and written comments about the cola crackdown," according to The New York Post, but in the end, the Board of Health approved it by a vote of eight to one. Movie theaters and the soft drink industry fought hard against the ban, which prohibits concession stands from selling sodas larger than a pint. But their efforts came to naught, and the ban is set to go into effect in six months. Better enjoy those theater soda-tubs while you can.

Correction: The original headline said that Big Gulps (which start at 30 ounces) would be banned, but New York's new large-size soda ban only applies to venues like fast-food restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, but not grocery stores, but not convenience stores like 7-Eleven. So, New Yorkers can rejoice that their Big Gulps are safe.

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