Medicaid, Hungry Bears, and Buck Showalter

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Top Stories: Though Medicare has been one of the more discussed topics this election season, "seniors and their families may have even more at stake in the future of Medicaid changes — those proposed, and others already under way."

World: France is giving aid "to five revolutionary councils in rebel-held parts of Syria" for health needs, but diplomats say the country is not providing rebels with money for weapons.

U.S.: With food scarce as a result of drought, more animals like bears are seeking nourishment in towns. Though levees saved New Orleans from Isaac, and those living outside the now protected area want the protection as well.

New York: Public School 36 in Queens has connections to schools chancellor Dennis Walcott, an alumnus whose grandson currently attends.

Business: Vitaly Borker, the man who threatened customers of his online eyewear shop under the presumption that any Internet chatter is good, was sentenced Thursday.

Baseball: With the Orioles and Yankees vying for the American League East, the presence of Baltimore manager Buck Showalter adds the "backdrop of a spurned manager now battling the very institution at the heart of his professional incubation."

Opinion: Paul Krugman predicts that the "next four years are likely to be much better than the last four years — unless misguided policies create another mess." David Brooks on Obama's speech.

Movies: Stephen Holden reviews Bachelorette, which "comes at you with the crackling intensity of machine-gun fire."

Theater: Ben Brantley on the return of Forbidden Broadway.

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