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Students are protesting their lunches. What's exactly the problem? Jon Stewart looked into it last night on The Daily Show. Well, the food under new health guidelines tastes bad.  Stewart jokes, "News flash! Extry extry! School lunches suck!" And students are still hungry after they eat it. "So you hate the food and you want more of it."

But wait, is the government really restricting the amount of food? It's not all foods. Students can get seconds of fruits and vegetables. So why are the kids still hungry? Apparently twice as many students are throwing out their lunches. "Hmm, now I am obviously not an nutritionist or an educator," Stewart says, "but I think if these kids are hungry, I guess my solution would your motherf**kin lunch!"

And why is this news at all? It's not about food or kids at all. The protests are really about Michelle Obama's push to make government-subsidized lunches healthier and, of course, big government. 



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