Investment Superstar Is the Victim of a $10 Million Burglary

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Burglars who hit the Santa Monica home of "bond guru" Jeffery Gundlach made off with $10 million in property, including several one-of-a-kind paitings and a Porsche. Yesterday, police announced the details of the massively expensive robbery that took place last Friday while Gundlach was out of town. The thieves made off with watches, expensive wine, the car, some cash, and several valuable pieces of art work, according to The Los Angeles Times. There's no way to know if the burglars knew exactly what they were taking, how much it was worth, or who they were taking it from, but its certainly one of the biggest single thefts you could expect from a private home.

Gundlach is a living legend in financial circles, as he is known as one of the most successful bond and mutual fund investors in the business. (He's known as "The Bond God" to Business Insider readers.) He also made waves with a bitter legal dispute against his former employer who fired in him 2009 and accused him of trying to ruin the company and stealing trade secrets. After a two-year court case, Gundlach was found liable for "breaching his fiduciary duty," but in an odd twist the jury awarded no damages to his former employer and instead ordered the firm to pay him $66.7 million in back pay. He now heads the firm Double Line Capital.

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