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Harold Meyerson in The Washington Post on redistributing money upward Republicans have devoted themselves to redistributing wealth upwards. They've changed tax code and the rules of the market to favor Wall Street over Main Street, and it affects both income and worker health. "The market is not just redistributing income in the United States, then. It is redistributing life."

Cass R. Sunstein in Bloomberg View on how social dynamics affect success "We like to think that intrinsic quality produces success, and that in free markets, quality will ultimately prevail." But social dynamics and enthusiasm can "mark the line between stunning success and crashing failure."  From musicians to politicians, success is driven by popularity.

Dana Milbank in The Washington Post on Hillary Clinton's "hit man" Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines got testy with a journalist this week about the State Department's management of the Libya attack, and the lack of punishment for Reines shows how close he is to Clinton. "He is a throwback — an unapologetic loyalist in a town that no longer values loyalty."

John Dickerson in Slate on how to choose a president Most presidents are, by definition, good campaigners, but not all good campaigners have been good presidents. Part of the problem is that "campaigns reward fighters. Governing requires cooperation, compromise, and negotiation." Dickerson's solution: Choose a president like you might choose a CEO. "The qualities employers are seeking are the same ones voters should be looking for in presidential candidates."

Fran Tarkenton in Wall Street Journal on the NFL's fumbles The former NFL quarterback and Hall-of-Famer writes that "one game makes a huge difference in the NFL," and bemoans a season in which fans are talking about bad referees instead of the game. "This current batch is damaging the integrity of the game and putting players at increased risk of catastrophic injury."

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