Endeavour, Rory McIlroy, and the Louvre

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Top Stories: Working class young people are "what experts call one of the most potentially powerful but often overlooked voting blocs."

World: Secularism in Europe has led to what some religious leader see as intolerance, a trend which is reflected in a debate over circumcision.

U.S.: To get to its retirement home the space shuttle Endeavour has to travel through Los Angeles' landscape and its bureaucracy.

Health: Donated kidneys from the deceased are being discarded and "experts agree that a significant number of discarded kidneys — perhaps even half, some believe — could be transplanted if the system for allocating them better matched the right organ to the right recipient in the right amount of time."

New York: In a new campaign the city is painting "LOOK!" at intersections.

Technology: Though the iOS 6's mapping system has some features that Google Maps does not, "it has a lot more work to do before its service is as robust as Google’s."

Recommended Reading

Sports: Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, chummy on the course, "could have a fascinating discussion about identity politics."

Opinion: Nicholas Kristof writes "the Republican Party has moved far, far to the right so that, on some issues, it veers into extremist territory."

Music: Jon Caramanica says of Carly Rae Jepsen's album Kiss: "In places it’s lightweight, in places it’s surprisingly savvy, but it almost never stops to breathe."

Art & Design: In a project to house its Islamic art, the Louvre will now have "ground- and lower-ground-level interior spaces topped by a golden, undulating roof that seems to float within the neo-Classical Visconti Courtyard in the middle of the Louvre’s south wing."

Fashion & Style: Still riding the wave of the Olympics, London Fashion Week thrives on British heritage.

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