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Chicago kids' week-long break from school appears to be coming to an end. The Associated Press reports that president of the Chicago School Board David Vitale says that the teacher's union have fleshed out a "framework" to resolve the teacher's strike by Monday.The AP's Tammy Webber has the details:

After days of long negotiations, David Vitale said the "heavy lifting" is over. He expects students to return to class Monday. Vitale would not say where each side compromised, and he stressed that union delegates still must vote to end the strike.

He said the agreement gives children the time they need in the classroom and teachers the respect they deserve. After almost a week out of class, hundreds of thousands of Chicago's children will be returning to school. 

Surely, more details are forthcoming but it looks like the end is near for an imbroglio that left 350,00 public school students out of class and 25,000 teachers on the picket line. Resolution of the dispute, if Vitale's prediction comes true, will also ease pressure off the White House, which refused to take  sides in the conflict that pitted the country's third biggest teacher's union (and an important Democratic ally) against the president's former chief of staff Mayor Rahm Emanuel. As for Emanuel, everyone will soon forget whether he does or doesn't like the rock group Nickelback.

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