More Protesters Have Already Been Arrested in Charlotte Than Tampa

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As far as protester arrests go, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte already has last week's Republican National Convention in Tampa beat. Demonstrations on Tuesday, the convention's first day, disrupted Democratic National Convention buses and led to as many as 10 arrests, compared with two in Tampa. In fact, the scene on Tuesday, in which protesters sat in an intersection and blocked traffic, then spread a banner out on the ground before police moved in and arrested some of them late in the afternoon, already sounds a lot more dramatic than that in Tampa. "In Tampa, police reported making only two arrests last week. Events were so peaceful --and so small -- that officers shared water and sandwiches with the few protesters they encountered," McClatchy's David Siders and Torey Van Oot wrote. In Charlotte, an Occupy encampment has sprung up, and Occupy Wall Street estimated some 2,500 activists marched in a protest on Sunday. So far, Charlotte's protests hardly live up to the thousands expected, but they're a lot more lively and populous than Tampa's.

[Inset Photos: Upper via Molly Knefel on Twitter, lower via Occupyeye on Instagram]

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