Biden, DNA, and Fashion Week

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Top Stories: Though the vice president, taking the DNC stage tonight, can often tend toward gaffes, "it is reasonably certain Mr. Biden’s script has been well scrubbed and he will stick to it, as he did four years ago when he talked about his roots and the perils of Republican rule."

World: In order to try to get Chinese youth to help their elders, the government updated a book of parables, a move which has "unintentionally kicked up a debate on whether the government, not overextended children, should be looking after China’s ballooning population of retirees."

U.S.: The Army is working to adapt its recruiting process as it "makes the transition to a smaller fighting force with a tighter budget" and cuts loom.

New York: Shut out of the delegate list at the Democratic National  Convention, New York's comptroller John C. Liu headed to Asia.

Science: Pieces of DNA, once thought to be "junk," are now found to "play critical roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave."

College Football: For Larry Dixon "being a Division I fullback was a picnic compared with being a West Point plebe."

Tennis: Andy Roddick, who retired yesterday, "was unable to scale the same heights" as Sampras and Agassi before him, but, according to Christopher Clarey, "following Roddick’s act will be no short forehand to the open court either."

Opinion: Nicholas Kristof gives Obama a report card.

Television: Judah Friedlander and the comedic art of "crowd work."

Music: Bob Dylan — who was "in a jovial mode, which is not to say that tidings of apocalypse were absent" — held a concert Tuesday reopening the Capitol Theater in Port Chester.

Fashion & Style: The art of handling celebrities during Fashion Week.

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