Army General Faces Possible Court Martial for Sexual Assault

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A U.S. Army general from the celebrated 82nd Airborne Division has been charged with numerous violations of military law, including "forcible sodomy, wrongful sexual conduct, and wrongfully engaging in inappropriate relationships." Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair served multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, but was sent home home to Fort Bragg back in May after the allegations first surfaced, but the criminal charges were first made public on Wednesday. The allegations — which also included misuse of military charge cards, and possessing alcohol and pornography on base — reportedly come from several female subordination serving with Sinclair overseas. 

Though he was sent back to his home base in North Carolina, Sinclair is still on active duty and has not been arrested, but will soon face an Article 32 hearing that will determine if he should stand trial in a military court.

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