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A former soldier who was arrested last year for plotting to bomb and shoot other soldiers at Fort Hood was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences on Friday, but not before guards were forced to put a mask on him for spitting what he thought was HIV-infected blood at them.

A judge sentenced Pfc. Naser Abdo to two life terms plus sixty years for his plans to attack Fort Hood. Abdo was arrested last year after a gun shop owner grew suspicious while he was trying to purchase 40-caliber ammunition. Abdo also fired his court appointed lawyers and chose to represent himself. Abdo told the judge he was committing a holy war agains the U.S. and trying the country for its crimes against Muslims. His complete lack of remorse for his actions contributed to severity of his sentence, and his behaviour while he was detained didn't help anything either. He repeatedly tried to harm the guards tasked with escorting him to and from the courtroom, including this on the way to his sentencing:

U.S. marshals forced Abdo to wear a black-and-white mesh mask during the hearing after he spit what he thought was HIV-infected blood on agents escorting him, Frazier said. The attack was described as one of several such assaults by Abdo on his guards.

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