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Less than two weeks after a gunman killed six people at a Sikh Temple near Milwaukee, the temple has suffered another tragedy after a member was murdered in a failed robbery. Dalbir Singh was shot and killed on Wednesday when a man tried to rob the grocery store where he and his nephew were working. A man with a gun tried to force his way into the store as they were closing for the night and when nephew tired to push the man out the door, he fired, striking Singh and knocking him down a flight of stairs.

The 56-year-old Singh was regular member of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, which has barely had time to recover from the mass shooting that took place two Sundays ago, but has now lost another member through gun violence. While this latest death appears to be motivated by money and not hate, it's still a big blow to a religious community that is still on edge after being targeted for the difference.

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