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Of the many ways people have decided to convey their opinion of Chick-Fil-A following its president's decision to weigh in on gay marriage (he's against it if you hadn't heard), Friday's Same-Sex Kiss Day is at least the nicest for the employees. All participants are asked to do is go to Chick-fil-A and make-out with their partners. They're not even encouraged to order. While some took things too far by scrawling "Tastes like hate" on a restaurant in Torrence, CA, the event, as it was designed, couldn't have been more benign. There's no abusing drive-through personnel on video, nor customers confiding in gay employees that they're "so glad you don't support the queers." It's just a love fest! 

This is, of course, the counterpoint to Wednesday's Chick-fil-A Appreciation day, organized by Sen. Rick Santorum and Gov. Mike Huckabee, who encouraged people to visit the chain in order to support its president, Dan Cathy, after he got "crucified" by the press (that's Sarah Palin's word) for saying he didn't think much of gay marriage. Wednesday's event included lots of waiting in line, in both cars and on foot, pictures of Huckabee (photos of Santorum were strangely absent) and a celebrity cameo from Pat Boone. Let's see what Same-Sex Kiss Day looks like.

Mostly it looked like people kissing, such as these guys, whose names are apparently Jimmy and Sebastian.













Or these ladies in Indianapolis, per the event's Facebook page.














Or these guys in Florida.

There were, of course, some protest signs:

And that graffiti we mentioned earlier (via Reuters):

Some people combined both protest signs and kissing (via Reuters):

(Not everybody got the full memo):

And that's pretty much how things have been going so far. So now the pro-gay-marriage / anti-Chick-fil-A people have had their say, and the anti-gay-marriage / pro-Chick-fil-a people have had theirs, and we can all get along with our lives and maybe enjoy a nice salad this weekend. Surely we've heard the last of all this, right?

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