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Top Stories: A look at how Paul Ryan's background shaped him.  

World: Though incongruent with its status as a democracy and proficiency with technology, South Korea's government has a habit of policing and censoring the Internet. 

U.S.: Following the announcement that Paul Ryan was Romney's vice president pick, Democrats went after Ryan's record on social issues, especially his stance on women's health and abortion rights. In the midst of drought farmers are frustrated with Congress over their inability to agree on a farm bill. 

New York: City officials defend the shooting of a man who brandished a knife in the Times Square area. 

Media & Advertising: NBC hopes to transfer high Olympic viewership to its new shows

Business: Hollywood — and James Cameron — are working to bring 3-D to China.

Sports: Rory McIlroy won the P.G.A. Championship by "the largest margin in the tournament’s 94-year history."  

Opinion: Bill Keller on the people who come attached to Romney.

Art & Design: In announcing the acquisition of ancient artifacts today, the Cleveland Museum of Art stirs debate about the ethics of collection antiquities. A new art project aims to build a living room around the statue of Christopher Columbus that rises above Columbus Circle.

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