If you find yourself in Grand Island, Nebraska, as I did this morning, I recommend Trego/Dugan Aviation, the "FBO of the Plains," at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport.


The "tail-dragger" plane in the foreground is the same age I am, and obviously better maintained.


And when you find yourself in Rock Springs, Wyoming, as I was a few days ago, I recommend Siam King for its pan-Asian cuisine (actually good). The sky, reminiscent of Beijing, illustrates the effects of western forest fires.


Rock Springs, in addition to being the source of most of the "trona" in the U.S., is a major truck stop along I-80. These were a few of the scores of mining trucks that occupied nearly all of the parking lot at the motel where we stayed, across the street from Siam King:

Thumbnail image for RockSpringsTrucks1.jpg

I am no longer sure exactly which river this is in Nebraska -- and even in lush times rivers in this area typically have a wide sandy course. But compared with the last time I'd been over this route, the proportion of sand to water, after the midwestern drought, was much more dramatic today.


On the other hand, Nebraska and Iowa are chock-a-block with windmill scenes like this:

Thumbnail image for Windmills.jpg

It's a big amazingly diverse country. Obvious point but newly dramatic when you've been on the road [sic]. Now back home and back to work.

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