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Late last night the NYPD released graphic security camera footage of their confrontation with Jeffrey Johnson in front of the Empire State Building. 

Johnson enters from the top of the frame in a gray suit. He's walking behind the planters when two police officers approach him. He turns, pulls a gun out of his coat, and confronts the police. You can tell when the first gunshot goes off by the two people on the bench who get up and start sprinting. There's a brief moment where Johnson and the two officers are facing each other and nothing seems to be happening. Suddenly, Johnson buckles and falls to the ground.

Johnson shot and killed a former co-worker with a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol on Friday morning. Johnson and the victim had a longstanding feud from when they worked at Hazan Imports together. Nine people were wounded in the shootout from the NYPD's stray bullets. Unfortunately, this wasn't the first mass shooting to happen this summer. 

Watch the video here:

(h/t to Gawker for the video)

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