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Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart broke down states with rules that prevented some people from voting in the best way he knows how: In a segment he called "Cockblock the Vote."

There is, of course, voter ID laws like in Pennsylvania, where voters must present photo ID in order to vote. The law is supposed to prevent voter fraud, but it disproportionately affects minorities and senior citizens. But only ten cases of voter fraud have come up since 2000, Stewart said. "It's like how peanut butter is made with huge amounts of hydrochloric acid to dissolve any potential dragon bones that may have gotten into in the manufacturing process," Stewart said. "Will you lose some people who die by eating hyrochloric acid? Of course. But isn't worth know that your peanut butter is dragon bone free?"

Meanwhile in Ohio, Secretary of State Jon Husted tried to restrict early voting times in Democratic counties while keeping them long in Republican ones. Husted said that voting laws were easy enough for people who cared, that the state couldn't be like a 7-Eleven. "Surely we can't expect our constitutionally guaranteed voting rights to meet the same high standards as a combination gas station, convenience store," Stewart joked. Luckily, national outcry made Ohio change the rules. "And I would've gotten away with it too!" Stewart said, pretending to be Husted. "If it weren't that meddling Constitution."



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