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These are troubled times, Jon Stewart said last night on The Daily Show, and one big problem is apparently voter fraud. Swing states are passing voter I.D. laws, which require people to present government-issued photo identification in order to vote. "I'm gonna say it's bigger than ringworm and less than Bieber fever," he said. But a study by National Republican Lawyer Association only found 340 cases over course of ten years. "Oh my god!" Stewart said in mock concern. "That's almost 0.7 cases per state per year!" Having photo I.D. laws affects minorities, elderly, and students. No more free ride for those people, Stewart said. But even if they do manage to get a bunch of photo I.D.s, Senior Voting Correspondent Jessica Williams explains other methods of keeping them out of the voting booth. "For example, if you'd like to vote, you'll be matched against this," she said, holding up several skin-toned house paint color palettes. "You'll have to fall in the non-voter-fraud color range, somewhere between 'Venetian Dream' and 'Toasted Meringue' over here." 


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