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Top Stories: At the convention Republicans must face the various conflicting ideologies that make up the Republican Party.

World: In Chile, "ordinary citizens" known as "helmets" monitor student demonstrations

U.S.: Interviews reveal the life of James Holmes prior to the Aurora shooting and "paint a disturbing portrait of a young man struggling with a severe mental illness who more than once hinted to others that he was losing his footing." Concern over Hurricane Isaac moves away from the convention toward New Orleans

New York: Nighttime at the Westside Highway Car Wash.

Technology: Mark Stadnyk, who holds the patent on the motorcycle windshield, filed a suit that challenges the American Invents Act, which he claims "is a triumph of corporate lobbying power over the founders’ wishes, and that it threatens America’s stature as the world’s leading innovator." 

Science: Zoos and aquariums debate to what extent they should instruct their visitors on the effects of climate change.

 Sports: Looking for replicas of all Grand Slam tennis tournament courts in New York.

Opinion: Bill Keller on Ron Wyden, an Obama Democrat who "co-authored a Medicare reform proposal with Paul Ryan last year."

Theater: In Edinburgh, leaders of worldwide Fringe festivals gathered.

Books: Michiko Kakutani reviews Zadie Smith's NW and says the "real problem with NW has less to do with ambition than with vision, energy and generosity of spirit."

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