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Months of planning go into the Republican National Convention, but, unless you're a witch, you can't predict the weather. When you have an event in Florida at the end of August, you run the risk of having a hurricane rain on your parade. Republicans, meet Isaac.

Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist for, warns that Hurricane Isaac might be an unwanted guest for the Republican convention. If Isaac continues on his current path, he'll swing right over Tampa on Monday as the convention is just kicking off. Ann Romney's hair could be in grave danger. The only question is how strong Isaac will be when it finally hits the Florida shore. If it's only a tropical storm, then psh, just a little wind and rain. It'll make things difficult, but the show must go on. But if it's stronger than that, maybe a category-2 or category-3 hurricane, then they'll have a serious problem on their hands. The route Isaac takes to get to the Florida coast will play a big part in how severe it is:

The worst case scenario from a Tampa standpoint would be if Isaac were to swing over the Gulf of Mexico, strengthen, then curve northeastward toward or just north of the city on the Florida west coast. However, even a northward path directly over the Florida Peninsula could still yield nasty local effects produced by squalls.

Let's hope Joe Biden's outdoor speech is penciled in as 'weather-permitting.'

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