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So what exactly do people think when you say you're from your state? Blogger Renee DiResta found Google's top four autocompleted searches of "Why is [insert state name] so" and put it all in an interactive map. For reference, she did the search a couple weeks ago, so the results may can change. (For instance, it appears that "so hot" is the web's top concern about Tennessee now.) "It seemed like an ideal question to get at popular assumptions, since 'Why is [State] so X?' presupposes that X is true, " DiResta explains.

By going to the map, you can hover over each state to see what the top queries are. It's interesting to see all the stereotypes: "Why is North Dakota so cold?", "Why is Washington so rainy?" and the far more dubious "Why is Texas so awesome?"

DiResta also looked at the stereotypically cheap/expensive states and healthy/overweight states with facts from CNBC cost of living data and Center for Disease Control and Prevention's obesity data. Turns out, many of these stereotypes match up. 

Go to DiResta's blog to see your state's Google stereotype and for more analysis on her findings.

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