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Top Stories: This party's platform shows a far shift right since the 1980 GOP platform

World:  How Syrian rebels make and obtain their weapons. 

U.S.: The defense for the 16 Amish men and women on trial for beard-cutting argues that their clients acted "out of compassion — trying, with admittedly misguided methods, to help them repent and see the true Amish way." 

New York: Connecticut has a tight race for Senate where the Democrat, Chris Murphy, thought to be the favorite, is now polling close to Republican Linda McMahon. 

Commercial: Because of high commercial rents tech companies are "willing to trade Lower Manhattan and its perceived hipness for the more button-down precincts of Midtown." 

Sports: France has a baseball league where some American players who didn't make it professionally in the States head. 

Opinion: Nicholas Kristof writes that the "Democratic line of attack on Romney as a serial job destroyer feels unfair," but adds: "what is fair is to observe that the Republicans’ claim that they are the great job creators is a fiction." 

Movies: A. O. Scott reviews Lawless wherein Tom Hardy "mostly grunts, growls and ribbits, occasionally interrupting his angry bullfrog impersonation to deliver down-home bromides that make him sound like Toby Keith choking on a Cheeto." 

Dining: A (fig) tree grows in Brooklyn

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