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Wade Michael Page, the man authorities say opened fire in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on Sunday, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after he had been shot by police, the FBI said at a press conference on Wednesday, helping to clarify a narrative that has been incomplete so far. The bureau hasn't charged anybody in the shooting, and doesn't think anybody else is connected to it. "There's nobody else out there. There's nobody else I have to worry about," Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said in a press conference broadcast live on Wednesday. Now the job is to piece together exactly what happened. 

Officers responding to the 911 call from the temple shot Page in the body, which may have been a fatal shot, an FBI spokeswoman said, but in the end he took his own life by shooting himself the head. A step-by-step narrative of what happened on Sunday has been hard to come by, and authorities said on Wednesday that Page's motive may never be known. But they've conducted more than 100 interviews nationwide in connection with the case, a spokesman said, and video from the scene may help illuminate what witness accounts leave blank. The temple had surveillance cameras, but they weren't on at the time of the shooting, the FBI said. However, Edwards said video from the squad cars would eventually come out.

Page's ex-girlfriend Misty Cook, who was arrested for suspected weapons possession early on Wednesday, hasn't been charged, and authorities don't think she participated in the shooting, the FBI said at the press conference. She's not in custody, and she told the Los Angeles Times' Molly Hennessey-Fiske and Amy Hubbard, " "I hope the majority of focus will be on celebrating the lives of the heroes in this situation. I find the good work that Satwant Singh [Kaleka] did for his people and his heroic last act are far more newsworthy than anything I could say."

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