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A plane collided with a bird while descending in Denver, which doesn't sound like a big deal, except that the bird tore a huge hole in the nose of the plane, the pilots declared it an emergency, and we're never flying again. The birds won this round, but we'll win the sky war. ABC News has the details about what happened, but most importantly they have pictures. (We do not, unfortunately. Read on.) The plane hit the bird while they were in the middle of their descent, and the bird tore through the nose of the plane. They're going to examine what's left of the bird to determine what new mutant species of cement bird can tear through the front of a plane. A Hopefully, we can eliminate the threat in the skies before another incident like this occurs. Thankfully, all 151 passengers got off the plane safely. If you ask anyone on the flight if they want to "put a bird on it," we suspect they'd say no. 

The picture above is of a plane that was flying into the airport in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2011 when they ran into a flock of cranes. "At least one dead crane was still attached to the plane's nose after it landed," CNN reports. The plane is dented and covered in blood. 

The plane landing in Denver only hit one bird.  Little Rock hit a whole flock, but apparently Denver hit a real dinger of a bird. The plane sustained way more damage. If you need us we'll be Howard Hughes-ing it from here on out. 

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