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No one likes airport delays. We want to get where we're going as quickly as possible, please and thank you. But one plane on its way from Reagan National Airport to Charleston, South Carolina faced an extremely bizarre delay when it couldn't take off because the tarmac had melted. 

Yes, the concrete actually melted. While trying to take off, the tires on the plane sank into the runway and the plane could not move. This picture was uploaded to imgur on Saturday that shows the tires sunk into the tarmac. And this is not a cruel hoax! There's a real Washington Post story about it!

"It was apparently a soft spot caused by the heat," U.S. Airways spokeswoman Michelle Mohr told the Post. The airplane "wouldn't move." 

Washington suffered from over 100 degree heat throughout most of yesterday, and even came a degree shy of breaking the city's all time temperature record. The sweltering heat is what caused the concrete to melt, apparently. 

Mohr called the event "pretty rare." Usually our flight delays are because of snowstorms, but we live in Canada. That comes with the Territories. This is just weird. 

The airport tried twice (!) to tow the plane out its rut before finally succeeding. They had to get the Big Rig tow truck to get the plane out. The first one couldn't cut the mustard. 

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