Women at the Olympics, Syrians in Iraq, and Discarded Pianos

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Top Stories: Despite progress for women at these Olympics, "true equality" has not yet been achieved. The role of jihadists in the Syrian conflict is growing.

World: Iraq's attitude toward Syrian refugees is chilly. Protest in Hong Kong over the installation of a curriculum that resembles the "patriotic education taught in mainland China."

U.S.: A drone pilot "acknowledges the peculiar new disconnect of fighting a telewar with a joystick and a throttle from his padded seat in American suburbia."

New York: As Stu Loeser departs from his position as Mayor Bloomberg's press secretary, the mayor loses an eccentric but trusted adviser who he says "has kept me out of more trouble than he’s gotten me out of.”

Media & Advertising: Laura Lang, Time Inc.'s chief executive, discusses her enterprise "not as a magazine publisher, but as a branded news and entertainment company."

Sports: Members of the USA basketball team use Instagram to show the human, sleepy sides of their teammates.

Music: The market for used pianos has dwindled and more are being disposed of instead of being given new homes.

Opinion: An editorial takes aim at a Republican spending proposal that is "part of an alarming national crusade that goes beyond abortion rights and strikes broadly at women’s health in general."

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