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Newark Mayor Cory Booker apparently loves speaking directly to the public, which is good because he's sure having a hard time getting anyone else to do it for him. Acting communications director Esmeralda Diaz Cameron, the mayor's second lead spokeswoman in less than two months, "gave notice over the weekend that she is taking a job in communications for an undisclosed Fortune 500 company," The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Booker's last spokeswoman, Anne Torres, left just a few days after Booker's infamous appearance on Meet the Press, in which he criticized the Obama campaign for attacking Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital. The early reports of that departure said it was due to the fallout over the remarks, but both Torres and Booker's office said that wasn't true. 

Nobody's speculating on Diaz Cameron's reasons for leaving, but the New Jersey Star Ledger notes she was making $90,276 a year, so maybe she's getting more money from this mysterious Fortune 500 firm? Anyway, representing the nationally recognized mayor, who the Star-Ledger described on Sunday as "arguably the most prolific tweeter in American politics," has got to be exhausting. He's on the road a lot and makes copious appearances in the national press, most recently an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Directing all that communication would cause burnout in anyone, even without the occasional national political firestorms.

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