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Firefighters in Ohio are still trying to contain a huge fire ignited after train cars carrying "denatured alcohol" and styrene derailed outside Columbus, Ohio. The accident happened shortly after 2:00 a.m. sending 11 of 98 freight cars off the tracks near the Ohio State Fairgrounds, which is also not far from the campus of Ohio State University. At least one of the tanker exploded and caught fire sending, this massive fireball into the sky and continued to burn well into the morning. 

According to news reports, residents have been evacuated within a one-mile radius and hazmat teams are on the scene trying to determine what effects the burning chemicals might have on the air. There are no reports of injuries or deaths so far, as the train was carrying cargo not people.

This video from the local NBC 4 station gives some sense of the size of the explosion and the fireball, as it shows news crews and firefighters being pushed back following a big explosion.

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