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On Monday, when The New York Times wrote about hot politicians snapping at everyone some folks called shenanigans, however, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie really is having a tough time of it in this heat, as we can see in a TMZ video of him getting in a guy's face on the Jersey Shore. Christie looks very uncomfortable and hot in his slacks and polo, and extra goofy hanging onto an ice cream cone the whole time while he yells, "You're a real big shot!" and "Keep walking!" at a guy who apparently set him off. TMZ reports that the guy had "fired off some snide comments about Christie's policy on education."  That's either a particularly sensitive issue for Christie or he's succumbing to this summer heat something fierce. The video:

As it happens, syndicated a story Friday by Rachael Rettner at My Health News Daily about why we get so irritable in the heat: "Trouble sleeping, dehydration and restrictions on our daily [activities] — such as being cooped up inside all day to avoid the sweltering heat — may all contribute to a worsening mood in warm weather." That makes sense. It could also be the river of sweat running down our backs and the general sense that we're going to melt faster than Christie's ice cream cone that's getting to us.

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