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News broke Saturday night that Aurora police were sent a message electronically threatening more violence if James Holmes wasn't released from prison. Police found and interviewed him on Saturday, but he hasn't been charged with anything in connection with the crime. 

This Fox Denver affiliate reports police received a message electronically that threatened more violence if Holmes wasn't released from prison. No one has released his name because he hasn't been charged with anything. But, according to the person's Facebook page, he has a master's in biomedical science, and Anshutz Medical Center confirmed he was in the same program Holmes withdrew from a month ago. ABC News Denver reports authorities traced the message to a router in Aurora, but it's uncertain whether the message was sent natively or whether someone routed it through there. He was picked up by police and interviewed Saturday afternoon. 

Aurora police said there's "no reason to believe" the person was involved with the crime at all, but that they did learn more information about James Holmes from the interview. Police were able to get past the first line of defenses in Holmes' booby-trapped apartment yesterday. "This apartment was designed to kill. If you think we're mad, we're sure as hell angry," police said at a press conference on Saturday. The trip wire set when you enter the apartment was designed to kill the first person to enter the room. Police said there was evidence of "some calculation and deliberation," in the apartment. 

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