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We already know about the Romney Olympics, the annual fourth of July family competition that can get pretty competitive, but we wondered what else the Romney family likes to do while on vacation at their New Hampshire home. So, we did some digging and found out.

See, the Romneys are just like your family. They spend their vacation laying around on the beach, too. (Just wait until we get a better look at Mitt's sun burn.) (AP)

Mitt likes to take his grand kids on tractor rides for fun. (AP)

The quest for another Republican to respectfully bow out of the Veep race never stops. Mitt sneaks in some time here with wife Ann, head of the Veep search Beth Myers, and campaign manager Matt Rhodes. (AP)

A secret service agent subtly blends in with the New Hampshire wildlife. (AP)

He's not cheating in this picture, but we're sure as soon as the photographer looked away Mitt pulled the net down on a spike. (AP)

A sun-burnt Mitt enjoys some ice cream. Mitt loves soft serve, because Mitt is human and soft serve ice cream is objectively delicious. (AP)

Mitt may love ice cream, but he doesn't really "get" kids these days. The adorable tots are his grandkids. (AP)

Mitt loves going on wave runners with Ann, because Mitt is human and wave runners are awesome. (AP)

This is an action shot of Mitt and Ann on a wave runner. (AP)

Secret service agents subtly tail the Romneys on the water. (This is a favorite.) (AP)

Mitt also likes commanding a small army of toddlers on a boat. (AP)

We're closing this with more pictures of Mitt eating ice cream because there's something about Mitt eating ice cream that we can't get enough of. Enjoy. 

This man is very seriously concerned with the size of Mitt's ice cream cone. (AP)

We have no idea why but we can't stop laughing at pictures of Mitt eating ice cream. Happy 4th of July, folks!

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