Pyramid Rumors, Sally Ride, and Rare Books

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Top Stories: Enrollment is down in "nearly half of the nation’s largest school districts," which can "affect the depth of a district’s curriculum, jeopardizing programs in foreign languages, music or art." George McGovern's 1972 pick for vice president has haunted campaigns.

World: Despite rumors, Egypt's Islamist leaders do not want to get rid of the Great Pyramids, but the fact that such a desire was whispered shows how quickly gossip can spread, "fed by a kernel of fact, a dash of Twitter, and a convenient coincidence or two." Residents of Île de Sein resisted the Nazis and joined the Free French Army during World War II; now, they are confronted with rising sea levels.

U.S.: The three weapons used by Aurora shooter James Holmes "are among the most popular guns available in the multibillion-dollar American firearms market."

New York: Sanitation worker Nelson Molina keeps a collection of "discarded gems." 

Business: Electric companies are using social media, games, and "Big Brotherish data analysis" to convince customers to conserve energy.

Science: At its 70th birthday the Alaska Highway is plagued with the problem of melting permafrost. An obituary for Sally Ride, who died yesterday at the age of 61.

Health: An insect-killing paint, though not "fully evaluated" by the World Health Organization, could help stifle disease.

Sports: The vacating of Joe Paterno's victories through the 1998 season ordered by the NCAA confuses where other coaches stand in history.

Books: At the Rare Book School intensive courses there is an "atmosphere that combines the intensity of the seminar room, the nerdiness of a Star Trek convention and the camaraderie of a summer camp where people come back year after year."

Theater: Danny DeVito is earning admiration onstage in London for his work in Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys.

Opinion: Michael E. Webber on drought and energy. Frank Bruni on Michele Bachmann and faith.

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