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There are a couple of unpleasant stories coming out Friday in the wake of last week's Aurora, Col. mass shooting. Maryland police are telling the press they've detained a man who might have been planning a mass shooting, and they're drawing parallels with the Aurora murders based on the fact that the guy called himself "a joker." (James Holmes, the accused Colorado shooter, allegedly said he was "The Joker," presumably a reference to the Batman villain.) The 28-year-old Neil E. Trescott of Crofton allegedly told his former employers over the phone, "I am a joker. I'm going to load my guns and blow everybody up." He was wearing a T-shirt that said "Guns Don't Kill People. I do." and had a stash of weapons at his apartment, according to The Washington Post. Yeesh.

In other disconcerting news, police took a New York Department of Education worker into custody after coworkers complained about the photos of Aurora suspect all over his desk. (Never a great sign.) When police showed up to his house, he told them "he sympathized with the accused killer because he doesn't like his co-workers," according to NBC New York. Almost certainly not as significant a threat as Trescott's, but probably off-putting to his colleagues. Neither of these are very happy tales, but let's all just be thankful for they way they've ended.

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